GranEssere Soft Wheat Germ – 8 kg


Soft wheat germ, a minimal fraction of the caryopsis, has a high nutritional value and a sweet, intense taste but its use is limited by an extremely short shelf life. Our GranEssere wheat germ overcomes this problem thanks to the natural StabilEasy® method, which gives it a long shelf life without affecting its nutritional value or distinct aroma.

Ideal for: Sweet, savoury, or laminated doughs, healthy and fibre-rich produce with remarkable organoleptic qualities

Average nutritional content per 100g of product:
Energy 1696 kJ – 404 kcal – Fat 10.7 g – of which saturates 2.3 g – Carbohydrates 36.6 g – of which sugars 11.5 g – Fibre 10.8 g – Protein 34.8 g – Salt* 0.005 g
*The salt content is due only to naturally occuring sodium.

Store in a cool, ventilated, dry, clean environment. May contain traces of soy. Humidity below: 15.50%.