Scelte di Campo Whole Wheat Stone-ground

2.40 9.80 

Stone-ground whole wheat flour is obtained by milling 100% Italian wheat, grown in the “Scelte di Campo” range. Retaining all the characteristics of the cereal, from the point of view of both nutritional value and taste, it can be used as is, or mixed with other flours. It makes tasty bread and other baked goods and, thanks to its irregular grain size, gives a rustic look to the finished product. Perfect for bakeries, pizzerias and pastry kitchens.

Ideal for: Rustic, fibre rich products

Average nutritional content per 100g of product:
Energy 1436 kJ – 343 kcal – Fat 2.2 g – of which saturates 0.5 g – Carbohydrates 60 g – of which sugars 1.8 g – Fibre 9.6 g – Protein 14.0 g – Salt* 0.001 g
*The salt content is due only to naturally occuring sodium.

Store in a cool, ventilated, dry, clean environment. May contain traces of soy. Humidity below: 15.50%.